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RJ Abhinav is a Content creator and a former Radio Jockey with Radio Mirchi Delhi.

He entertains people with his extremely hilarious videos which are extremely popular on YouTube and FB. Out of the many video series he has on YT, ‘G Faad magician’ is an extreme popular one. Here he pulls pranks on people disguised as a magician.

‘If I can get a smile on people’s faces by my work, I think I’ve arrived’.

Over time, it has become a rage and people on the web eagerly wait for its next episodes.If you’re reading this and aren’t following his social media feeds, you’re missing your daily dose of entertainment/laughter. He plays different characters on Instagram, Snapchat, FB that will crack you up.

Abhinav is an inspiration for all the budding Youtubers and content creators. His Ted talks and Josh talks have over a million views on YouTube and a lot of young talents idolise him.

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